This is fanart of Sargasso, one of Nivbed's / Justin Cherry's characters. Nivbed is a really special artist to me, I've been in love with his work since I was a wee thirteen year old and he is still a huge inspiration today. Do yourself a favor and check out his incredible work. http://www.iiiil0liiii.com/gallery

Sargasso is a star, and this is his black-hole form. I've always been fascinated with weird space anomalies like black-holes, so when Nivbed shared the concepts behind this guy I just had to try and draw him.


h o o t s

My good friend Josh asked for some owls about a million years ago and I finally coloured some of them. 
Cube guy Rem again,  and boon (prog). 



This little guy was created by Jen Seah, and as you can see, she is indeed a wizard, and by wizard I mean incredibly talented. I absolutely love how he turned out, he's totally spot-on and really sleek (you might recognize him from some older posts, he's lurking around, somewhere...) Everything about him is just perfect ! Down to the last, hilarious details.
Show Jen some love ! Commission her to make more things, the world could use it. :]