This year's music/SFX leica reel. Featuring Rune the Archeologist, a cyclops monster and an interdimensional beach paradise.


The curse of living forever

One is marker, the other is PS.


illo.3 colour

PS, worked on it off and on for about three days.
Oh yeah, my colouring technique is totally impractical. This turned out alright in the end, but overall this should've taken me waaay less time if I knew how to paint better. : [
The original idea for this sweet steampunk story is Keosuki's. I am a willing slave to it's awesomeness. |D


Sewer Wretch

I borrowed Mike's fountain pen the other day and went to town. I need a bit more practice with those; it made blotches alot while I was using it, which I promptly smudged in an attempt to make them seem intentional. |D



Sort of an attempt at another classic comic book cover. I was inspired by Questionstar's wicked and simple design.